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My PHP.net

This page allows you to customize the PHP.net site to some degree to your own liking.

This is not an official PHP.net mirror site, and therefore the settings you set and see here will not be effective on any official PHP.net mirror site. The settings you specify here are only going to be active for this URL, and only if you have cookies enabled.

Preferred language

If you use a shortcut or search for a function, the language used is determined by checking for the following settings. The list is in priority order, the first is the most important. Normally you don't need to set your preferred language, as your last seen language is always remembered, and is a good estimate on your preferred language most of the time.

Your preferred language
Last seen language None
Your Accept-Language browser setting en-US,en;q=0.5
The mirror's default language en
Default en

These settings are only overridden in case you have passed a language setting URL parameter or POST data to a page or you are viewing a manual page in a particular language. In these cases, the explicit specification overrides the language selected from the above list.

The language setting is honored when you use an URL shortcut, when you start a function list search on a non-manual page, when you visit the manual download or language selection pages, etc.

Your country

The PHP.net site and mirror sites try to detect your country using the Directi Ip-to-Country Database. This information is used to mark the events in your country specially and to offer close mirror sites if possible on the download page and on the mirror listing page.

We detected that you are from United States

URL search fallback

When you try to access a PHP.net page via an URL shortcut, and the site is unable to find that particular page, it falls back to a documentation search, or a function list lookup, depending on your choice. The default is a function list lookup, as most of the URL shortcut users try to access function documentation pages.

Your setting: Function list search PHP Documentation search

Search field suggestions

Whenever you start a search on a PHP.net page, a list of suggested function names starting with the letters you typed in are suggested. If your browser has problems with this functionality or you are not interested in these suggestions, you can turn them off here. Note that this feature is currently only available on the search page itself, not on any of the other pages.

Your setting: Show suggestions Hide suggestions

Mirror site redirection

The www.php.net site redirects users to mirror sites in several cases automatically. It tries to find a close mirror first (a mirror in the user's country), and if no such mirror is found, it selects one mirror randomly. Here you can set one preferred mirror site for yourself in case you are not satisfied with the automatic selection.

Please note that in case the site finds your preferred mirror site disabled for some reason, it will fall back to the automatic selection procedure, but will not alter your preferences, so next time when your selected server works, the redirections will lead you there.

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