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UK Object Orientation Workshop (Every Second Wednesday of the month) [Training] (United Kingdom)
A one day workshop for PHP programmers without Object Orientation experience, introducing them to the concepts of OO and the PHP5 OO implementation. Require some PHP development experience.

Workshops are held at our offices in Bromsgrove (South of Birmingham, excellent motorway links for M6/M5, M40, M42)

Covers: Object Oriented programming - the theory (including What objects are, How do you choose what should be an object?, Encapsulation / Information Hiding / Coupling and Cohesion), OO Design, Objects in PHP5 (exceptions, inheritance, abstract classes, interfaces, SPL), Common design patterns in PHP (MVC, Strategy, Singleton, Command, Observer) 2 'real-world' exercises are included to put the theory into practice

URL: http://www.palepurple.co.uk/training/php/object-orientation

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