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DCPHP Beverage Subgroup (Every Fourth Tuesday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
This is an unofficial subgroup within the DCPHP Community which started by a few members. It is not presentation or demonstration driven, it's a chance for DC local PHP'ers to get together, put some faces with the names on the mailing list, and socialize a bit.

Do not attend expecting to sell products. Do not attend expecting to get help.

We met at the Irish Pub Four Courts just one block east of Courthouse Metro in Arlington, Va. The meetings start at 6pm and usually wrap about 8pm. There is ample parking one block south. There is no admission, no registration required, but having a head count is polite for the waitresses.

URL: http://caseysoftware.com/blog/howto-civility-on-a-mailing-list

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