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The Houston PHP Users Group (Every First Thursday of the month) [User Group Event] (United States)
Bryan Alsdorf from MySQL AB will give a session about best practices for MySQL backups, complete with information about replication, restoring from backups, recovering from harmful transactions and will include practical scripts.

Brent Clements of Digicution, Inc. will talk about the MVC pattern of development that Ruby on Rails is based on. He will go over what it is, what it means for PHP development and how it ties into everything.

We will also have our usual Tips & Tricks session at the end of the meeting, with good tips about interesting PHP components, MySQL tools, Firefox extensions, AJAX/JavaScript libraries and other web development related topics.

Remember to check our group website at http://houstonphp.org for more details. The meeting location and driving directions (with a easy to follow map) are available at the following URL:


If you are planning on joining us, please use the following URL to RSVP to the meeting:


URL: http://houstonphp.org

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